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Princeville, the first town founded by freed slaves, is attracting more attention

[kislideshow kirotate=”false”][kislideshowslide kiimageurl=”https://ncgrowth.unc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/princevilleVideoCover1.jpg” kiyoutubeid=”ujdnWJg-w4g”]Kelvironta Harvey talks about his work for Princeville, NC[/kislideshowslide][/kislideshow]
Over the summer, Kelvironta Harvey, a Kenan Institute Economic Development Analyst for NCGrowth and a dual NCCU MBA/MIS student worked to develop a customer profile for recruiting tourists to Princeville. Princeville’s leaders aim to host an annual event and a reenactment museum to drive more tourism to the area.

Princeville has significant historical value, as it was the first town incorporated by freed African Americans slaves in the United States.

Read Kelvironta's blog post View the slide presentation Read the final report


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