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NCGrowth Conducts Workshop in Roseboro with the Construction Professionals Network Institute

By Ashley Tucker
NCGrowth partnered with the Construction Professionals Network Institute (CPNI) to conduct a two-day economic development workshop in Roseboro, NC, on April 6th and 7th. CPNI is a statewide membership organization of business and professional leaders in the design and construction industry. The organization holds workshops to help communities improve their physical and economic environment, providing recommendations on how the built environment can be leveraged to improve a town’s economy. For the last two years NCGrowth has partnered with CPNI to provide research and logistical support for these workshops.
During the Roseboro workshop, NCGrowth and the CPNI met with Roseboro town leadership and key community stakeholders to assess the economic conditions of the town. The group toured structures of interest in the downtown core and looked at possible areas of redevelopment and room for growth potential. CPNI provided recommendations for the town to help meet their economic development goals.
Construction Professionals Network
NCGrowth is currently compiling a document composed of those recommendations that will be distributed to the Town for their use. In addition, there are key follow-up areas where CPNI and NCGrowth will be providing the town with access to contacts and resources for implementation.
Ashley Tucker is an NCGrowth analyst and dual master’s candidate in UNC Chapel Hill’s Department of City and Regional Planning and School of Government.

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